Hello, Sweetie.


Yeah, I’m just going to try to play lacrosse

parrish is probably like:


psychic my motherfuck left ass cheek, i know a banshee when i see one. these mothafuckas must think i’m stupid. jesus christ, danny told me about these people didn’t know shit, but damn. these people are so fucking obvious, i’m surprised the whole town doesn’t know about the shit that goes on here. oh well, at least lydia’s hot and a banshee. i want that booty

The thing is I am so ready to jump on this Lydia/Parrish thing once Lydia turns 18, because I think they do work well together. I mean detective duo for the win, and learning about their powers together and whatnot. Also they are both incredibly good looking.

But the thing is, a part of me is against it because no matter how mature and intelligent Lydia is the fact of a matter is that there is a 7 year age gap. And I mean, the gap itself is nothing monumental BUT when you’re comparing an 18 year old to 24/25 year old the gap is so HUGE. She’s a fucking fetus at 18! She has so much in life to experience! I mean even now at 21, looking at my freshmen coworkers, they are fetuses! I remember getting offended when my older friends used to tell me that when I hung out with them during my freshmen year, but I can totally see it now! You feel like a whole lifetime has passed and I don’t know. I just think before they dive into a romance (which apparently seems to be totally on the table), more time should elapse.

But it’s Jeff Davis. He did do Kate/teen! Derek and there was well obviously a big gap (illegal), so you never know.

Though at the end of the day if they do go that route I guess I wouldn’t terribly mind.

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"I can do this. Especially with you there." Little baby wolf Liam you are adorable and Alpha Scott is the best.

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aaron taylor-johnson wonderland magazine ph. steven pan

aaron taylor-johnson
wonderland magazine
ph. steven pan

We have a name! I repeat we have a name: Jordan Parrish.

Or as I like to dub him Prince Deputy McDreamy Eyes Jordan Parrish.

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